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UrbanCanvas Modeler is currently available to Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) interested in using UrbanSim to model land use and transportation scenarios within their planning areas. Access to UrbanCanvas Modeler is available as an annual or monthly subscription with pricing scaled by metro region population. We offer UrbanSim model development consulting services to build UrbanSim models for your region using one of our parcel, census block or zonal geography model templates. Our census block level models are ready for immediate use for nearly 400 metro areas in the United States, and we can help you build more detailed parcel level models quickly and effectively.

Due to high interest from users, we have transitioned from a trial license that used the Minneapolis-St Paul metro region, to a month to month subscription for up to three months, for your own metro region, using estimated and calibrated models and local data for your region.  Pricing for this is based on size of the metro region, and you can register here to receive a brochure, white paper and subscription agreement if you want to consider starting to use UrbanSim.  It has never been this easy to use the most advanced urban modeling available.  Just sign up and begin using the platform on your web browser.

If you are not working with a metropolitan planning agency but are interested in our platform, go ahead and fill out the form below and we will follow up to give you more information about what's coming. Please note that we do not currently offer academic subscriptions to UrbanCanvas Modeler but we are planning to in the near future.

Once we receive your request below, we will review and send you appropriate information to help you evaluate the platform, and to sign up to begin using UrbanCanvas Modeler.

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