Consulting Services

The UrbanSim model system can seem complex for those getting started, but we can help you efficiently develop a model and understand the methodology. Staff at UrbanSim Inc. have decades of real-world experience with land use modeling, and we have contributed to the development of the majority of operational UrbanSim land use models worldwide. We offer practical guidance, and work in collaboration with you to design a model system that best suits your urban development context. UrbanSim Inc. offers the following land use modeling consulting services:


End-to-end UrbanSim model development

This form of consulting service involves guiding your urban planning organization from having no model to having a fully operational UrbanSim model. This means working closely with you to collect and clean model input data (e.g. population synthesis, data imputation), specify and estimate statistical models, calibrate, validate, and test the sensitivity of the model system, integrate UrbanSim with your local travel model, and evaluate scenarios. Our goal with this service is to make new UrbanSim users productive UrbanSim modelers with a resulting model system that addresses your organization's forecasting needs.

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Strategic advising and specialized model development

This form of consulting service involves partnering with your urban planning organization to prototype new types of models, develop and operationalize specialized model components, assess model performance, create model enhancement plans, or engage in land use modeling research.

Examples of some of our past specialized model development services include: developing repeatable data processing pipelines, generating UrbanSim model diagnosis and assessment reports, integrating UrbanSim with existing in-house models, implementing a workplace location choice model for Paris, France, developing an informal settlements model for Ekurhuleni, South Africa, and prototyping a demographic microsimulation system for Phoenix, Arizona.

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